The Making of the Knole Table by Rupert Senior

Furniture designer and master craftsman Rupert Senior completed a significant commission for Knole, the Tudor palace at Sevenoaks, Kent in 2016.

Designed and made for the ‘Poets’ Parlour’ – the family dining room for well over 400 years, and part of the private apartments – this strikingly modern design for a six-metre long dining table can seat up to twenty people. It has been made from 5000 year old ‘Bog Oak’ and fossiliferous English marbles as three separate tables, allowing a variety of seating layouts.

This short film explores the processes of the commission, giving an insight into the designer’s approach and the meticulous craftsmanship.

Rupert Senior is one of the UK’s most established designers and craftsmen. He has spent the last 35 years honing his skills and has created furniture for some of the most spectacular homes and private collections. He is also currently the Chairman of Guildmarks at the City Livery Company and furnishing industry’s charity, The Furniture Makers Company, encouraging and overseeing excellence across the furniture industry. He himself holds 15 coveted Bespoke Guild Marks for excellence in design and craftsmanship.



Furniture Design – Rupert Senior
Filmmaker – Alex J. Wright
Stonemason – James Elliott
Commissioned by the designer