Jonathan Clarke | Pure Flowing Instinct

British abstract sculptor Jonathan Clarke guides us through his working practice for small and large sculptures. We see him at his bench carving polystyrene models whilst explaining the thought processes behind the forms he creates. Using the immediacy of the hot wire to produce individual shapes, he assembles them together before burying the work in sand. Molten aluminium is then carefully poured in – a delicate procedure that is beautifully captured on film.

We learn how Jonathan came to apprentice with his father, Geoffrey Clarke (RA), and of their mutual respect for each other’s work. We also see Jonathan take on a large public commission in the form of Sign: an 8-metre tall sculpture for Queen Elizabeth School, Dorset.

As part of the project, we created a new website to showcase Jonathan's work, visit


Sculptor – Jonathan Clarke
Website Design – Stella Elliott
Assistant Editor & Copywriter – Denny Einav
Filmmaker – Alex J. Wright
Commissioned by Geoffrey Miller (collector)