Personal Statement

The son of two artists, I spent my childhood surrounded by pictures and pots being dragged from exhibition to exhibition. by beauty and people talking about art – I grew up playing with light on paper. It's difficult not to enjoy all that I see and search out the stories which might become films. I decided at an early age I was going to be a filmmaker, I wanted to explore the world and capture the lives of extraordinary people for others to experience. I enjoy the company of people and listening.

I have an inquisitive mind which always wants to know more and ask why. In particular, it interests me what people do and why they do it. Dedicating their lives often to one extraordinary discipline. Living in near isolation atop a mountain sometimes (see Lee Lang Hyo - Onggi Master). As well as the arts I'm interested in the natural world, people and culture, the sciences (I've been a subscriber to the New Scientist for over ten years). 

I graduated Film and Television Production at Cumbria Institute of the Arts (built on the site of the start of Hadrian's Wall) with a 2:1. This is where I learnt and hound my craft and in my final year won a Royal Television Society Award for best Fiction film – inc. (2009).

Since graduating with a 2:1, my first break came working for the Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham as their in-house filmmaker. It was an extraordinary time, I was given almost complete creative freedom visiting Gallery artists to make documentaries about their life and work for major exhibitions at the Gallery and around the world. These films are freely available online because gallery owner Mike Goldmark believes it is important to spread the word of these incredibly skilled people. I would often go with photographer Jay Goldmark who would produce the accompanying catalogue to my films and often conducted the interviews.

During the five years I worked at the Goldmark Gallery my work received over 2 million views online through multiple media platforms I set up and managed. These projects have been shown at national film festivals, on the front page of the Guardian's Culture section online, and even caught the eye of the Queen of Denmark and broadcast on Danish TV.

My film Lee Kang-hyo: Onggi Master (35 mins & subtitled) – filmed on location at his studio in South Korea was my final film whilst working at the Gallery. Since its release in 2014, it has been watched organically more than 500,000 times online. In May 2016 it featured in the Craft Council’s inaugural film festival: Real to Reel at Picturehouse Central, London.

My work has taken me to some extraordinary locations, to film people working and living beautiful lives. Some using skills most have forgot and others looking for a life away from the modern world. It's these amazing stories I am passionate to share and after nearly five years working at the Goldmark Gallery I decided it was time for a new challenge. I had always planned to set up my own filmmaking business and in 2014 the opportunity of a lifetime was offered to me.

I was introduced to an extraordinary man and one of the worlds foremost stonemasons, James Elliott. He was looking for a filmmaker to record the behind the scenes of his business making King Richard III's Tomb for Leicester Cathedral. An incredibly important and exclusive project meant I was not able to discuss any of the project for five months while I was working on it. There was so much world wide media interest everyone wanted to know about the reburial of the King found under the car park. The footage of this historic event was shown as part of Channel 4's live week of broadcasts commemorating King Richard III's reinterment on the 26th March, 2015.

Learning from all my experiences I wanted my filmmaking business to help people capture and shape their individual or business story into beautiful films which want to be watched. I'm passionate about film and approach each new project with a fresh perspective. I work closely with my clients becoming like an embedded journalist to get the best possible outcomes for them. I need to spend time getting to understand you and your business before I can provide you with a film that will help share your story.

I’d love to hear from you If you’re an individual, a business or a public organisation looking for a film to communicate your message beautifully. The first step is to have a chat and then I'll come and visit you. After which I will present you with a film brief, schedule and budget. I work with many other digital creatives and can offer complimentary services such as design, website development, copywriting, and SEO. After all if there is nowhere to put your film who is going to see it.

Alex J. wright

Filmmaker | Creative Thinker

Production Skills

  • Cinematography, interview, production management, story/concept development, lighting, audio, data management.
  • Film editing with Adobe Creative Cloud; Premier Pro, Media Encoder, Photoshop. Final Cut Pro X and Studio 2; Final Cut, Color, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor
  • Sony Broadcast Cameras; PXW FS7, PMW 300 / EX3, Z5 / Z7
  • Canon DSLRs


WINNER | Royal Television Society – The North and Border Region | Student Category | Fiction | Inc. | 2009
NOMINATED | Aesthetica Short Film Festival | Documentary | Sid Burnard 'Free Spirit' | Nov 2012
SCREENED | Takeshi Yasuda – No Boundaries, Yan Gallery, Hong Kong | Documentary | Takeshi Yasuda – Made in China | Nov 2015
SCREENED | The Bank, Eye | Documentary | Jonathan Clarke 'Pure Flowing Instinct' | Jan - Feb 2016
SCREENED | Leicester Cathedral – Dedication Service| Documentary | The Life and Death of King Richard III | April 2016
SCREENED | Real To Reel – The Craft Council Film Festival | Documentary | Lee Kang-hyo  'Onggi Master' | May 2016



RICHARD BATTERHAM – (In production)


RUPERT SENIOR – The Making of Knole Table (9mins)
SIMEON WALKER – January (5mins)
WENDY EARLE – Going to Seed (18mins)
THOMAS DENNY – St. Katharine's Windows: The Life and Death of King Richard III (11mins)
VHH ARCHITECTS – Conservation Practice (6mins)


JONATHAN CLARKE – Pure Flowing Instinct (13mins)
BOW SCHOOL – A Day in the Life (4mins)
RUPERT SENIOR – Transition: from Desk to Dinner (2mins)
RICHARD III – The Reburial (Darlow Smithson Productions / Channel 4)
WITH DIGNITY AND HONOUR – The Reinterment of King Richard III (Leicester Cathedral)
KING RICHARD III – Making of the Tomb (5mins)


LEE KANG-HYO – Onggi Master (35mins)
CLIVE BOWEN – Born, not made (20mins)
PHIL ROGERS – Drawing in the Air (34mins)
JANKEL ADLER – The British Years (14mins)
IVON HITCHENS – Encounter in the Woods (19mins)
NIC COLLINS – The Hard-Won Art  (7mins)


TAKESHI YASUDA – Made in China  (36mins)
MARTIN WENHAM – Silent Voices (16mins)
JEAN-NICOLAS GÉRARD – The Potter’s Potter (20mins)
JAN HARDISTY – Artist or Photographer? (5mins)
CHRISTOPHER P. WOOD – Beyond Our Reality (13mins)


LISA HAMMOND – A Sense of Adventure (25mins)
JENNY GREVATTE – Exhibition Films  (11mins)
SID BURNARD – Free Spirit (32mins)
ANNE METTE HJORTSHØJ – Paying Honest Attention (22mins)


MIKE DODD – The Spirit of Making (24mins)
JIM MALONE – Potter (20mins)
DORA HOLZHANDLER – An Introduction (5mins)
NIC COLLINS – Potter (22mins)


SVEND BAYER – Potter (20mins)
JOHN FARRINGTON – Life's Stories (21mins)
FRANCIS DAVISON – An Introduction (13mins)
JENNY GREVATTE – A Painter’s Progress (15mins)